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Accredited Online Computer Science Degrees

Over the past century, the study and implementation of computer sciences has exploded. Anyone born in or before the 1990s has grown up alongside of the rapid development of technology in daily life. Today, we are able to use technology for everything from playing our favorite video games, to securing the world’s most confidential information. This rapid growth would never have been possible without computer scientists.

Computer science is just what the name implies: a science. Computer scientists study various aspects of the “how” and “why” behind computer programs and the mathematical theories and formulas that allow computers to do their jobs. As we find new ways to improve the day-to-day life with technology, computer science become increasingly relevant, and the job market for those with online computer science degrees is expected to grow much faster than the market overall.

List of courses in this domain

Grand Canyon University

Master of Science in Computer Science

Grand Canyon’s MS in Computer Science will prepare you for management positions and leadership roles that are software related. From a director of software development…

Southern New Hampshire University

Associate of Science in Computer Science

Begin your career with an introduction to technology with this online AS in Computer Science. You’ll gain programming skills in widely-used languages and create a…

Utica College

Master of Science in Data Science

The Online Master of Science in Data Science from Utica College teaches students how to analyze and leverage big data to gain valuable insights that can lead…

Campbellsville University

Master of Business Administration / Computer Science

The IACBE accredited online MBA in Computer Science from Campbellsville University will help you integrate your technical and business skills to advance your career. As…