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Accredited Online Business Administration Degrees

From approving loans to managing public relations, business administration is a field of talented professionals who allow our businesses to smoothly coordinate the many different pieces that keep them running. Administrative business professionals are behind the scenes of every industry, maintaining positive customer relationships, keeping financial information organized, and directing departments to maximize sales and profits.

An online business administration degree is the classic program choice for any student who craves a traditional, straight-laced business education. At the undergraduate level, a bachelor of science in business administration (BSBA) is the most common major for managers and future executives. An advanced degree in this field helps lower-level employees move up into administrative and leadership roles.

List of courses in this domain

William Carey University

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program balances management theory with practical decision making. The program is available to students with no previous business course work,…

East Mississippi Community College

Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Office Technology

The Administrative Office Technology Program is an instructional program designed to prepare and train students for entry-level training in administrative office procedures, integrated computer applications,…