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24 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs in 2019

What is an Associate’s Degree?

Associate degrees are simply two-year degrees. Although they can take more or less time to complete, depending on the pace of study, they are generally half the workload of a four-year bachelor’s degree. They are, therefore, about half the price of a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes significantly cheaper as associate’s degrees are often provided by affordable community colleges.

These programs are generally affordable and create a significant boost to your lifetime income. According to The College Board, the annual cost of attending a public two-year in-district school is $3,660. This number, however, does not take into account room and board, as well as other costs associated with attending school. Assuming graduation in two years, this means the tuition for attending a public program is roughly $7,320.

According to the BLS, the median salary for someone with “some college or associate degree” was $825 per week in the second quarter of 2018, translating into an annual salary of $42,900 (assuming 52 weeks of pay a year). High school graduates with no college earn a median salary of $726 a week, for an annual salary of $37,752. In this example, this results in an annual gain of $5,148 if you have no college education and were to complete your associate’s degree.

This means you could pay for tuition of an associate’s degree program in less than a 16 months. This does not, however, account for the cost of living while attending college, nor the potential lost wages that you might not be able to earn while completing an associate’s degree.

  • East Mississippi Community College Associate of Applied Science in Accounting Technology
  • Southern New Hampshire University Associate of Arts in Digital Photography
  • Champlain College Associate of Science in Accounting
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • Accounting
  • Web development & design
  • Nursing
  • Paralegal
  • Teaching assistant
  • Respiratory care